About Digicall

Born from an innate desire to assist and serve, Digicall has been delivering world-class outsourced and incident management services in South Africa since 2003 and has expanded to the UK in 2012 and Australia in 2015.


Whether you’re in insurance, a government body, municipality, banking, telecoms, retail or other industry, we offer our clients best in class, stringently vetted, specialist service solutions under one vision and ethos. Our service is supported by unique technologies and people who live to exceed client expectations and grow their client’s businesses. This approach has cemented our role as a disruptor and leader in our industry, which has allowed us to become one of the world’s best niche BPO’s.


We are Digicall. The power of one. The strength of many.

Our sole purpose is to be a seamless extension of our client’s brands and a trusted hero to everyone our business touches. Our calling is to assist and solve whenever we are needed.

The Power of One, For All


Digicall is a growth enabler behind many of the biggest and best-loved brands. We deliver on your outsourcing requirements by harnessing the combined power of varied specialist services under one ethos and operation. If you have a business process out of your core focus, you can rest assured that Digicall’s wide selection of white label and direct-to-customer services, can assist to solve your problem.

We promise our clients and customers:

  • One service ethos – in whichever way you engage with Digicall, you will have a consistent, connected, smart and speedy service experience.
  • Complete commitment to innovation, technology and total transparency – our systems enable a single view of your customer’s data – from receiving an incident report through to claims processing. We offer a full-service solution while giving our clients a comprehensive view of our customer experience protocols in which all incident response data is fully captured and reported.
  • International presence and processes – with offices in the UK and Australia, Digicall adheres to global best practices and only partners with best in class, stringently vetted service providers, to ensure complete peace of mind for everyone we serve.
  • Growth – our tailor-made offerings enable your specialist focus – allowing you to get on with your core business, with the full confidence that you have the country’s most dedicated and professional service providers on your and your customers’ side.