Our Executive Team

Executive Chairman, Digicall Group


Digicall’s founder and Executive Chairman, Altmann Allers is one of the visionaries behind the success of the group. He is driven by the belief that prosperity can be achieved fairly and honestly to the mutual benefit of everyone involved. Having started the Digicall journey in 2003, his efforts to innovate in the business process outsourcing (BPO) space has kept the business at the forefront of its industry. Under Altmann’s guidance, Digicall has seen expansion into other territories such as the UK and Australia, cementing Digicall’s place as a global contender in the BPO space. Beyond his obvious passion for Digicall and adoration of his daughter, Altmann is also an avid rugby and sports supporter.

Qualifications:CA(SA) BCom Accounting, BCompt Hons CTA

Director, Digicall Group


Blue Pie Investments nominated Hendrik to the Digicall board in 2016. He brings with him many years of experience as a director and believes taking responsibility is central to what Digicall does and that it is imperative we recognise this in the multitude of interactions we have with various stakeholders on a daily basis.

Qualifications:CA(SA) BCom Accounting, BCompt Hons CTA

Director and CEO, Digicall Group


Ruben joined the Digicall Group in 2016 as CEO, looking after all businesses under the Digicall Group spanning over 3 continents with over 2000 people. Having garnered experience in leadership roles in a variety of industries, our CEO is renowned and respected for “walking the talk”. Often described as an ideal servant leader by his peers, he is driven by the need to create opportunities for everyone he works with. Ruben believes that through diligence and smart thinking, strong, entrepreneurial teams will thrive given the right platform. An avid outdoorsman and traveller, Ruben enjoys frequent escapes, often to remote and adventurous locations, away from busy Johannesburg with his family and friends.

Qualifications:CA(SA) BCom Accounting, BCompt Hons CTA

Director, Digicall SA


Having joined our team in 2013, Nash is responsible for end-to-end cohesive customer experience strategy development that consistently meets, and aims to exceed any of Digicall’s customers’ needs. She is a keen explorer and credits her varied working experience gained over several continents and industries as one of the secrets to her success. An enthusiastic proponent of digital innovation, inclusivity, mutual respect and collaboration, Nash brings new life and a fresh perspective to our industry.

Qualifications:MBA(M&A and SHRM) BSc. (Health Science)

CFO, Digicall Group


Conrad is our group CFO and financial expert. A keen business strategist, Conrad manages the group’s financial goals and M&A executions with respect and the utmost integrity. He believes in “going the extra mile” in every pursuit he undertakes and credits this attitude to his team’s on-going success. A committed family man and father of four, Conrad deeply values the relationships he’s made throughout his career and in his personal life, which is born from the belief that you should treat everyone with the respect and kindness you wish to receive.

Qualifications:CA(SA) BCom Accounting, BCompt Hons CTA

CIO, Digicall Group


Johan is our resident tech-fundi. He is responsible for the IT, cyber security and communications technologies that keep Digicall running smoothly. Always abreast of the ever-changing technology space, the ardent cyclist keeps an eye on the horizon for new innovations to help improve the way we serve our partners and staff. He believes in the “quest for zero defect” in everything he does and is driven by the need to ensure that Digicall is not only future-fit but future-forward as our company grows and expands.

Qualifications:BSc (Hons) Information Technology

CEO, Insurance and BPO Digicall SA


Stèfan joined Digicall in 2004 and has led our Business Process Outsourcing and Claims division since 2009. He is driven by the belief that every task in your life, big or small, should be tackled with a 100% effort and energy. Stefan credits his family and Digicall’s achievements as a source of on-going inspiration and drive for him. A firm believer in the philosophy that the “journey is the destination” he has gained tremendous personal satisfaction in seeing both his and colleagues’ growth over the years.  Stèfan, a self-confessed golf-guru and fanatic, can be found on the course when he’s not pushing Digicall forward.

Qualifications:CMA, BCom (Hons) Management Accounting

Director, Digicall SA


Musa is one of the key players behind the growing presence of Digicall SA. He credits the power of persistence to the establishment of the Vehicle Replacement Service offering as part of the Digicall portfolio, one of his proudest achievements. He is a firm adherent to practicing mindfulness and having an abundant mind-set, which is what he believes has allowed his “luck” to thrive. Beyond enjoying fatherhood, Musa is also a well-known executive music producer and content creator. A man of many talents.

Qualifications:BCom Accounting

CHRO, Digicall Group


Responsible for designing and implementing HR and workspace strategies that have changed the way we do business, Debbie has been an essential component of Digicall’s growth since 2018. She credits her unique approach to her innate passion for understanding what drives people to be their best as well as her many years of experience in the field. Debbie believes that Digicall’s culture of valuing, supporting and developing people, enables her passion of unlocking human potential in an age of corporate disruption. Debbie’s greatest love is for her family and this is closely followed by her devotion to the arts and architecture. She brings a right-brain balance and deep human insight to Digicall’s table.

Qualifications:BEd, BA (Hons) Clinical & Industrial Psychology