Digital Enablement

Digicall provides cloud-based SaaS solutions to clients with real-time, transparent and client configurable control over incident management, data and the customer journey, resulting in enhanced customer service and cost optimization.


These solutions follow a modular design and product platform strategies, allowing for a broader portfolio of offerings to clients, including niche products at acceptable cost whilst focusing on what the client wants and needs.


An in-house developed SaaS solution that connects the client, the customer, the service provider and third-party solutions, enabling the client to manage and control processes end-to-end. 

Through automation, real-time intervention and configurable workflows, claims leakage and operational costs are substantially reduced.

The impact of improved turnaround time, all-party connectivity, proactive intervention, SP rating and full customer journey participation will leave your customers in awe. DigiFlow provides access to incident data in seconds and unsurpassed data integrity, providing a competitive advantage in respect to underwriting, claims validation and innovation.

DigiFlow consists of the following modules allowing the client to customise according to their needs:

Incident Management

  • Case Management
  • Policy & Benefit Validation
  • Administration User Interface
  • Service Provider Tracking
  • Invoicing & Reporting

Vendor Management

  • Distribution of Services
  • Area Configuration
  • Scoring - CSI & Data Quality


  • Progressive Web Applications - Consumer & Service Providers
  • Customer System
  • IoT & Telematics Data
  • Third Party Software

Additional Services

  • Data Hosting
  • B-BBEE Verification
  • Vehicle & Asset Verification
  • Risk Assessments
  • Claims Fulfilment

Digicall owns the exclusive rights to the state-of-the-art building estimation software in South Africa.

The core principle behind everything that Symbility offers is to improve the operational efficiencies of your building claims department, making the claims process from FNOL to resolution easier, faster, more efficient and more cost effective for you, your employees and the policyholder.

Symbility empowers our estimators to provide an accurate cost of repairs and eliminates the expectation from the insured of an inflated settlement based on an incorrect estimate. The system provides detailed quality reports which include a summary of the loss, photographic evidence in support thereof with a recommendation to Insurers per their unique terms, conditions and cover afforded the policy, as well as accurate floor plans with a detailed itemised estimate per room.

All reports also include a value at risk component, allowing your underwriting department to accurately insure the risk.

Symbility's suite of tools has helped Insurers around the globe reduce their claim cycle times, cut down on estimation processing times, lower call centre volumes while increasing policyholder communication, and make better business decisions using real-time data.

Symbility offers:

  • Cost Reduction of Claims
  • Link (Consumer Portal)
  • Virtual Adjusting
  • Mobile Claims
  • Data Analytics
  • Reporting

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